Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Muslim cab driver crack-down

Muslim cab drivers listened to testimony yesterday where the Minneapolis airport commission approved tougher penalties for cabdrivers who refuse service to travelers carrying alcohol.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport will begin suspending licenses of Muslim taxi drivers who refuse for religious reasons to provide service to passengers transporting alcohol.

"Some Muslims believe that it is inappropriate not only to drink alcohol, but to carry or transport alcohol," said Jeff Hassan, a lawyer representing the Muslim cabdrivers. "Some would interpret that to mean carry or transport for hire or for profit, so there are a few different interpretations on prohibitions."
Previously, cabdrivers who refused to transport customers were sent to the back of the line, a punishment that has been handed out in nearly 5,000 instances since 2002, commission spokesman Patrick Hogan said.
"Sometimes they asked if [the passengers] are carrying alcohol, or they will see it," Mr. Hogan said. "One person saw a stuffed animal and thought it was a decanter and denied the person service because they thought it contained alcohol."

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LRTRider said...

What i would like to see is a $500 to $1000 fine levied against the cab (licence) owner for each refusal of service. I'd add a provision that the cab ownere would have the legal option of collecting from the cab drivers.

Most cabs are rented for the shift so this might cause the cab owners to use disgression on who they lease their cabs to.