Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Islamo Rascism Awareness Day

Major universities in the Washington area will be among more than 70 U.S. campuses participating in nationwide "Islamo Fascism Awareness Day" events tomorrow.
The events at Georgetown, Catholic University and George Washington University in the District, George Mason University in Fairfax and the University of Maryland's Baltimore County campus will feature screenings of "Obsession," a documentary film about Islamic radicalism, as well as discussions of related issues, including terrorism and the war in Iraq.
The campus project was planned by conservative writer and activist David Horowitz as a response to attempts last year by officials at Pace University to prevent a Jewish student group from hosting a screening of "Obsession" on the university's West-chester, N.Y., campus.
Mr. Horowitz, whose Terrorism Awareness Project is sponsoring tomorrow's events, said the use of the term "Islamofascism" is part of the educational mission of the "teach-ins" planned around the film showings.

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