Wednesday, August 8, 2007

JYB scoop

Of course, if this was intended to injure or scare Muslims, then it was a moronic and evil thing to do. It ought to go without saying that I condemn that sort of thing, but in case it doesn't, I absolutely condemn that sort of thing and insist that Muslims and all religions should be free to practice their religion freely and without harassment. And I think this ought to be thoroughly and fairly investigated to see whether the perpetrators were politically motivated, or just regular garden variety moron/vandals. I'm sure CAIR's mind is already made up--they desperately need a new membership booster--but the rest of us might like to see what this investigation turns up. (Maybe it's Buddhist Vigilantes?)

Now, that said, the JYB News Bureau has actually obtained hideous, shocking footage of these devices--which CAIR dubbed "Acid Bombs"-- at work, and the horrible consequences of the unstable mixture. Our report is here.

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