Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July not about US?

On this Fourth of July, Muslims should remind their fellow Americans that Islamic activists in America and across the globe have consistently condemned attacks on civilians -- most notably the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

To help reverse the growing trend toward Islamophobia and anti-Americanism, we must address legitimate grievances, whether by calling for stepped up condemnation of terrorism on the part of Muslims, or for justice-based solutions to international conflicts.

Equally important, our government should live up to American ideals in practice. Lofty Fourth of July rhetoric must be translated into actions worldwide that show people of all faiths that America is on their side, not against them.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Jack
I don't know if you notice but there is really Islamaphobia in this country and it doesn't server the country's interest to say the least.

The Majority of Muslims upto this point are against violence;otherwise the anger and impact would have been much greator.
By Associating Mosques and their Icons with this extremist acts that they don't condone, will be pushing them over to the bad guys.
Its very easy for folks to play to their core's audience, but smart people choose their words.
I don't think Cal's comment helped this country by an inch.