Sunday, June 24, 2007

A good policy

Chennai: Thai Airways yesterday said it was considering an overhaul of the system of checking the antecedents of passengers, a day after a man stripped inside one of its flights en route to the city from Dubai.

According to Mike Panatta, general manager of the airline's Chennai office, the move followed several incidents involving passengers with undisclosed psychological maladies.

The passenger in question, who hailed from Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu, took off his clothes as the plane was about to descend at Chennai airport on Thursday.

Police sources said that he had worked in the Middle East for the past 18 months and pleaded "a temporary memory blackout." He has been sent for medical examination after being detained.

"An incident like a hugely built person dancing nude inside the plane is something we wish to avoid at all cost," Panatta told IANS yesterday.

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