Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Meet Jane Doe

Annie Jacobsen, the original "Jane Doe," posts an article urging Congress pass legislation to protect passengers who report suspect behavior. While "John Does" are being harassed by suspects, Jane Doe was harassed by her own government.

What I saw on Northwest Flight 327 was a group of Syrian men act as though they were going to hijack the plane. The men blocked the aircraft aisles, knocked over a passenger and spent so much time in the aircraft bathrooms that one Syrian emerged covered in toilet chemicals. As the flight was about to land, seven of the men stood in the aisle and used the toilets while the leader read from a small red book. One of the men then made a slashing motion across his throat and mouthed the word, 'no.'

What I saw on that Detroit-to-Los Angeles flight was so alarming it never occurred to me to censor myself when it came to speaking out about what happened on the flight. It never occurred to me to worry about getting sued. First I spoke with federal agents for two hours, under oath, detailing what I saw. Later, after I learned that the government botched the investigation of the Syrians and then tried to cover their mistakes, I spoke up about that. For three years now, I've spoken up about what I saw as a guest on more than 400 radio and television programs. I've written 28 articles on the subject as well as a book. I'm so glad I did.

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