Friday, April 13, 2007

Glen Beck Next?

From Muslim Bridges:
Uniting in Faith
You took actions - Imus is out. Great job.

Now is time for Glen Beck to go. Will you take actions - call and email CNN, or will you allow more hate and racism to go on broadcast? Some statistics show 19% of American youth are sick of racism, and religious intolerance, they are now atheists....


bluejacket said...

Funny, the left thinks it's ok for rosie the "mouth" to accuse our government of the genocide of thousands on 9-11 of blacks, whites, middle eastern people, hell people of all races. But let someone say something like imus>who is an arsewipe also< and it's time for a firing. Hey AL, you and Hillary going after rosie next? Leave Glenn alone. He is neither a racist or anti American, get over to ABC and take out a real hate monger!

Captain Jack said...

Here here!