Monday, April 30, 2007

CAIR Watch

In CAIR's daily press release, they cite this letter to the editor as "incitement."
I've read quite a few letters regarding the war in Iraq and the problems in the Middle East. I haven't seen anyone mention the fact of the thousands of Muslims allowed to live in America.

I know our country is known for its acceptance of all people who are peace-loving and who want to become Americans and live in peace here.

I am concerned about the Muslims living here. Recall the Muslim men who committed the horrendous crime in New York City were living here with their families. Before committing their crime, they sent their families back to their home country.

In reading some books regarding the Muslim faith, I'm finding out it's not a peaceful religion at all. Just the opposite.

A very enlightening book, “Because They Hate,” by Brigitte Gabriel, is a book every American should read. The author was born and raised in a Christian family home in Lebanon, the “Paris of the Mediterranean.” At the time, both Christians and Muslims were living fairly peacefully together, until the Muslims outnumbered the Christians. The Muslim men were allowed to have four wives, which explains that. Then the Muslims took over and life became extremely difficult there.

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