Sunday, April 15, 2007

CAIR targets Limbaugh/Beck as Islamophobics

Hot off the CAIR presses...

(MIAMI, FL, 4/15/07) – The South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SFL) recently launched an anti-terror advertising campaign on the local Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh radio programs. CAIR-SFL’s campaign focused on those two programs because of the hosts’ frequent claims that Muslims do not do enough to condemn terrorism and the overall Islamophobic tone of the broadcasts.

The spots, which are scheduled to air for two weeks, state:

“As Americans, we feel confused when we hear that Islam is a religion of peace, because we see reports about acts of violence by extremists. American Muslims condemn terrorism. The Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, was among the first Muslim organizations to publicly denounce such misguided actions. CAIR is America’s largest Islamic civil rights advocacy group, and CAIR promotes peaceful dialogue among all people. Visit for statements condemning terrorism.”


Captain Jack said...

See Friday post on "Beck Next?"

LifeTrek said...

"CAIR, was among the first Muslim organizations to publicly denounce such misguided actions"

Misguided is not the term I would use to demonstrate my outrage, horror, or even my disgust at the terrorist activities.

Rather I would use terms like, well, outrageous, horrible, disgusting.

Misguided is how I would identify something I found mildly distasteful.

That clearly demonstrates the problem right there.

Exposing Phonys to the World said...

So how much longer are we as a nation going to tolerate an organization that has clear ties to terrorists.

What CAIR is doing now is akin to terrorism.

Take a look at this jihadist-apologist's website. It's filled with lies, distortions and falsehoods. Don't confuse the good reverend with the facts, his mind is made up.