Sunday, April 8, 2007

Americans Against Hate on CAIR dinner

From Joe Kaufman --

Joe Sestak is no stranger to CAIR. While he was running for office, a CAIR staffer named Taimur Mian, helped organize and was a part of “get out the vote” drives for Congressman Sestak. He even had at least one fundraiser held for him, hosted by the Chairman of CAIR-Philadelphia, Iftikhar Hussein.

And when Congressman Sestak did get into office, he didn’t waste much time in hiring CAIR-Philadelphia’s Office Manager and Communications Director, Adeeba Al-Zaman, about whom he says he “cannot speak highly enough about her.”
Congressman Sestak has worked hard to make inroads with America’s enemies, and we’re here to tell him that it is unacceptable. Congressman Sestak, for you to be speaking here, tonight, at a CAIR event – a CAIR event that is also featuring the National Chairman of CAIR, Parvez Ahmed – is offensive and a disgrace to the office which you hold! We call on you to apologize to your constituents and absolve yourself of all your ties to CAIR, including your ties to your present CAIR staffer.

The Congressman says that he will only be speaking at the banquet part of CAIR’s event and not at its fundraiser. CAIR-Philadelphia even changed the flyers announcing their event, on its website, to account for Sestak’s statement, proving that the degrees of separation between the Congressman’s office and the CAIR office are few and far between. No matter what spin Congressman Sestak wants to put on his actions tonight, we want to make it clear to everyone, the CAIR banquet and the CAIR fundraiser are one and the same! CAIR is CAIR! There is no difference! Congressman Sestak, come clean. Admit your wrongdoing, and cut your loyalties to CAIR!

There are others that have done similar. In December of 2006, after understanding that she made a mistake, Senator Barbara Boxer rescinded an award from the Executive Director of CAIR-Sacramento, Basim Elkarra, that her office had given him. Senator Boxer saw that it was an error in judgment to give an award to someone from CAIR, and she rectified it, and for that we are proud of her. Congressman Sestak, make the people that placed their trust in you and voted for you proud. Renounce your ties to CAIR now! Instead of speaking at their events, instead of allowing their leaders to hold fundraisers for you, instead of hiring their operatives for your staff, do as we are doing and work to SHUT THEM DOWN!

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